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As a courtesy to our customers we will allow website exchanges within 30 days of the purchase receipt date and provide free return shipping. The product you wish to exchange must be received by Reinstein Ross within the 30-day window. Upon receipt, we will ship the new product or put a credit on file for you. We do not allow returns.

Our Workshops

Each piece of Reinstein|Ross jewelry is hand-fabricated by our highly-skilled goldsmiths in our New York City workshops. We custom alloy 24k gold, in-house, to yield five beautiful shades of gold color - 22k Yellow, 22k Apricot, 20k Peach, 18k White and 18k Chartreuse. We also make select designs in platinum. These specially alloyed metals offer choices that complement the full spectrum of beautiful gem stone colors and all ranges of skin tones.

Our workshops are part of our store, and the work is fascinating. Come by to shop, see the goldsmiths at work, or for a jewelry consultation. No appointment is necessary.