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Gemstone Guide

January — Garnet

The luminosity of garnet has been known to man for thousands of years. Garnets were worn in jewelry by the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks. It is said that Noah used a garnet light to guide the ark through the flood. Red is the color most commonly known as Garnet, but garnets are also found in fantastic shades of green, yellow, orange and a range of earth tones. Besides representing strength, prosperity and health, a gift of garnet jewelry is said to show affection for another and to guarantee to meet again. Garnet is also a traditional gift for the second wedding anniversary.


February — Amethyst

Many magical powers are attributed to this beautiful violet stone. It is said to prevent intoxication, protect crops, bring good fortune, drive out evil spirits, beautify the skin, and inspire creativity and intellect. Purple is the color of royalty, and Amethyst’s color is so striking that it has been coveted for thousands of years by everyone from ancient Egyptians to Catherine the Great of Russia, and Kings and Queens of England. Traditionally symbolizing love and inspiration, amethyst jewelry is also the gift for the sixth wedding anniversary.


March — Aquamarine

The color of aquamarine has been described as a combination of green, blue and water. In fact, its name derives from the latin, meaning “water of the sea”. In ancient times sailors were said to wear this “stone of the sea” to prevent seasickness. Wearing aquamarine is believed to bring intelligence, youth, trust and friendship. In addition to being the birthstone for March, aquamarine is the gemstone for the 19th wedding anniversary.


April — Diamond

Diamonds are known for their connotations of glamour, romance, wealth and promise. A diamond is the ultimate symbol of love. It is the hardest natural substance on earth, and diamonds have been prized since their discovery 6,000 years ago in the region of India. Some ancient societies believed that diamonds were gifts from the gods, and in ancient Greece it was believed that diamonds were linked to the stars. Whether in a ring, necklace, pendant or earring, diamonds are the ultimate gift to a loved one for any occasion. Diamond jewelry is also the traditional gift for the 10th wedding anniversary.


May — Emerald

 The beautiful range of green colors found in emeralds are perfect metaphors for spring, and the inclusions found in emeralds are often known as gardens — jardins in French. Ancient Egyptians used the emeralds to symbolize eternal youth and love, and for the Romans, emeralds symbolized fertility and rebirth. Cleopatra wore elaborate emerald jewelry and visiting foreign dignitaries were given emeralds carved with her likeness as official gifts. It is said that emeralds bring wisdom, growth, patience, understanding, and beauty. Perhaps this is why the gift of an emerald is considered a great symbol of love. Emerald jewelry is also the traditional gift for the 20th wedding anniversary.


June — Pearl

Pearls are organic gems. They are created when an oyster surrounds an irritant- such as a grain of sand - with beautiful, lustrous layers of a substance called nacre. Pearls are said to bring love, protection, wisdom and good luck. Pearls are formed in many colors, shapes and processes, in sea water around the world - South Sea Pearls, Tahitian Black Pearls, Fresh Water Pearls, Baroque Pearls. Beautiful, luscious, magical and iridescent, some ancient cultures believed that pearls were created by a rainbow meeting the ocean. We love their natural, organic and lively character.


July — Ruby

Ruby red is the color of love and passion. And the gift of ruby jewelry is expressive. French jewelers often refer to ruby as the “gem of gems”, and ruby is prized in cultures around the globe. Deemed the most precious of gemstones in ancient Sanskrit writings, ruby is said to strengthen the bond between lovers. Symbolizing devotion, ruby is also the traditional gift for the 15th wedding anniversary.


August — Peridot

 Formed from volcanic activity, Peridot has been called “Gem of the Sun”, “Tears of Pele” (Hawaiian Goddess of the Volcano), and ”Evening Emerald”, as it appears to glow as the evening sun is falling. This vibrant green stone is said to protect against evil, when set in gold, and is considered a cure for thirst. It is also a symbol of vitality and strength. A gift of Peridot is said to show a promise of growth within a relationship. Peridot is also the traditional gift for the 16th wedding anniversary.


September — Sapphire

Sapphire has inspired passion for thousands of years. Some ancient cultures believed that the reflection of blue sapphires created the color in a cloudless sky. Sapphires have been prized by kings and queens for thousands of years, and a gift of sapphire represents sincerity and faithfulness, and is thus a very popular alternative to the diamond in an engagement ring. Reinstein/Ross has always treasured Sapphires, in all of their colors. Said to bring peace of mind, sapphire jewelry is also the traditional gift for the 5th wedding anniversary.


October — Opal

The Romans called Opal “Cupid Paederos” - a child as beautiful as love. The range of iridescent colors in Opals - green, red, blue, aqua and yellow - are often referred to as “fire”. It is believed that Cleopatra wore a large Opal to attract the attention of Mark Antony. Opals are full of energy, and symbols of hope and purity, faithfulness and confidence. Opal jewelry is also the traditional gift for the 14th wedding anniversary.


November — Topaz

Topaz is named for a legendary island, Topazos, in the middle of the Red Sea. It was here that the stone was supposedly first mined. Pure Topaz is colorless, and a range of other elements lend a rainbow of colors to the stone - orange, yellow, red, blue, brown, green, gold, violet and pink. A gift of Topaz jewelry is believed to symbolize friendship, and to increase the capacity to receive and give love.


December — Tanzanite or Turquoise

The only known source of Tanzanite is a small hilltop in Tanzania. It was discovered in the mid-twentieth century, and only introduced to the world in 1967. Its lavender-blue color is unique and prized. The Masai believe that Tanzanite is associated with contentment and understanding, and a modern Masai tradition exists where chiefs give Tanzanite to their wives on the birth of a child, to bestow upon the child a healthy, positive, happy and successful life. The alternate birthstone for December is Turquoise - named for the original trade route for the stone, traveling from Persia through the market in Turkey, and ending up in Europe. Turquoise was considered a sacred stone in ancient culture, and is said to protect from evil. It is among the first stones ever to be used in Jewelry, and is today found in Iran and in Arizona. The gift of Turquoise jewelry symbolizes friendship and luck. Turquoise jewelry is also the traditional gift for the 11th wedding anniversary.